The RPH Staff Amenities Fund INC was established over 22 years ago to engage staff and boost morale. Everyone who works at Royal Perth Hospital, from Doctors to Administration staff, can join the club and enjoy the benefits. Today, the club has over 2,000 members who, with their membership, get access to perks such as a working gym, squash courts and regular social events.

With such a diverse membership, the challenge can be providing suitable options for the different demographics. Neat Ideas was already helping the RPH Staff Amenities Fund INC by providing discounted movie tickets that they could sell directly. It was a natural progression to begin offering their members access to the Neat Ideas online rewards store. Their focus has always been on offering members more and the online store was an excellent addition to their club. Members can simply log on with their employee number which then becomes their store ID number when making purchases. This setup that has made it easier for shift workers to make full use of their social club memberships.

While the social club members enjoy the convenience of the online store, it is the events run by Neat Ideas that they wait all year for. The two favourites are the Christmas party and Adventure World. In both cases, Neat Ideas organises an event exclusive to social clubs in Western Australia. Members can purchase tickets through their social club and can enjoy a family friendly night to remember. It gives the RPH Staff Amenities Fund INC the chance be a part of an event it would otherwise not be able to replicate on its own.