Employee incentives don’t need to be a handful. There are smart ways to go big with less planning, logistics, and most importantly, less headaches.

Large-scale employee rewards programs have many moving parts, so it’s easy for HR professionals like yourself to get flustered at the first sight of planning.

The execution of any rewards program takes time, and we all know that’s one thing you don’t have much of. Then there’s the expertise component. Who will take care of the logistics? How do I know the offers are compelling? What’s my buying power? What about fulfilment? Is it even worth it?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rewards bring more retention

When it comes to engagement, rewards can create meaningful connections with your employees. It’s these interactions with your employees that can help keep them happy and producing their top work.

Improved motivation increases engagement – and bolsters productivity for your business. That increased engagement and motivation in term can aid retention of staff and create a more positive workplace overall.

A UK report by Engage Health Group found that for eight in 10 employee benefits were a ‘very important’ factor when deciding whether to join a new company, so a good, well thought out employee rewards program is not just a way of retaining staff, but of recruiting new staff.

Here are a few ideas to get your employee engagement program off the ground, minus the hiccups.

  • Help reduce living costs – with food price increases the main contributor for price increases across Australian households, discounted eGift cards from supermarkets or food delivery services make a truly practical reward.
  • Ease the fuel burden – given record prices at the petrol pump, eGift cards from fuel retailers can help make your employees’ travel just that little bit easier.
  • Promote wellbeing – being able to save on yoga sessions, a gym membership or apparel lets your people focus on their wellbeing as well as their financial health.
  • Offer stress release – from a day cruise to a night at the movies, access to hundreds of attractions and experiences with best-in-market pricing will always be well received.
  • Access to discounted travel – as inflation weighs on consumers’ wallets, one area where many are unwilling to cut back is travel. Good value accommodation and activities are likely to be popular with employees.
  • Celebrate a milestone – thank your employees for their service or achievement with personalised corporate gifts.

Drive engagement with Neat Ideas

We’re not just a rewards reseller, we engage and motivate people to take action. This means we see your engagement program right through to the finish, creating a tailored strategy for your brand and results you’ll love.

When it comes to employee engagement, we can handle everything from:

  • Construction of custom branded rewards shop
  • Access to everyday savings for over 2,000 products from 150+ major brands and retailers
  • Development of promotional campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter and social content
  • Seasonal campaigns and exclusive offers

Harness the power of rewards

Our bespoke employee engagement programs, innovative platforms and rewards expertise can help you deliver employee incentives with a difference.

Are you looking to launch your engagement program? Spend less time sweating the big stuff and let us take away the headaches.

Chat to Neat Ideas today to go big for less with your employee engagement program.